Norton Canon History Project

The two meetings (15/11/2015 and 30/1/2016) about the history of Norton Canon generated such a lot of interest that we have created a ‘Norton Canon History Project’ to organise research into all aspects of the history of our parish and with the aim of producing a definitive publication in about three years. Local publisher Logaston Press has said they will do the editing, printing and publishing. The project now has an informal committee to co-ordinate the works and events: George Children, John Lewis, Robert Loxton, Mairion Jones, Karen Nicholas, Sally Boyce and David Lovelace (contact person david[at]dlovelace[dot]freeserve[dot]co[dot]uk). The project is grateful to have the support of the Norton Canon Charity.

Day visit to HARC 19/7/16 produced much interesting material - for now, some I've put online, in particular the Land Tax assessment from 1777 to 1830 from the Hereford Quarter Sessions which have all the names and worth of land holders in the parish: click here for the zoomable originals - needs 1/2 reasonable connection for the images to render to full resolution. Full parish census for 1881, 1891, 1901 and have begun 1911 (click these links). For 1911 just Underwood and Handley families so far. Also the Norton Canon trade directory entries for 1851, 1876, 1890, 1905, 1913, 1922 and 1941. This is just a tiny fraction of original material on Norton Canon - more to come! The project will be setting up a database to analyse all this information, so if anyone wants to start entering data onto an Excel spreadsheet let me know (email above).Also let me know if any problems with accessing the images - all HTML5 so should work on all modern browsers and iPads etc.

Starting this September 2016, there will be a series of parish history events on Saturday afternoons 2pm - 4pm (all second Saturday in the month except September) at Norton Canon village hall. As with the last two meetings, there will be a short presentation and then discussions and sharing information but unlike these first meetings each of these meetings will each be focussed upon on a particular theme (although there will inevitably be overlap between themes):

24th September: Norton Canon family history: present to Victorian era.

8th October: Norton Canon at war 1914-18 and 1939-1945

10th December: Working and travelling: farming, trades, railways and transport in Norton Canon

We anticipate that these three meetings will produce much important and interesting material so we hope you will come to share your stories and do bring anything of interest like family photos, letters or documents. These meetings will be of interest to anyone whatever their connection to the parish or who simply want to learn something of the parish history (we are all learning!) or to help with some aspect of our studies.

In the coming months we will also be working on the history of education, the church (Norton Canon supplied the Dean and Chapter of Hereford Cathedral), parish charities, archives from Saxon to Victorian times, old maps and historic aerial photographs, identifying possible archaeological sites for excavation and recording ecological features like veteran trees and ancient hedgerows. All these aspects will ensure we have a full programme of research, interest and meetings for 2017.

To download the original history day presentation click here [PowerPoint file 65Mbytes]